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The Great Escape

November 24, 2014

great_escape_zoom GreatEscape_Frame

The latest addition to the Movie Classics poster series is Elmer Bernstein’s classic tune for The Great Escape. The poster depicts Steve McQueen jumping over a barbed wire fence on his motorbike in one of the most iconic scenes in movie history.

The Disney Alphabet Poster

November 21, 2014


The follow up to my Pixar A to Z, is the Classic Disney A to Z. It includes some of my, and my 2 year old daughters, favourite characters from the Disney films of past and present.

The Empire Strikes Back

November 7, 2014



The set is complete! All three of the original Star Wars films are depicted in my Movie Classics style. The final poster is Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back. For those new to this, The theme of the posters (excuse the pun!) is to show the sheet music of the main title in an illustrative way and celebrate the brilliant composers behind many of the big screens great motion pictures. To see the full set pop over to my Etsy Movies section…