Heads you lose!


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4 Responses to “Heads you lose!”

  1. alice Says:

    just got here from seemikedraw. love your drawings, keep doing well 🙂 i’m officially a fan of yours

    • grimboid Says:

      Thank you very much Alice, you are my first official fan!! It’s lovely to hear positive comments about my drawings and I will try to add more cartoons regularly for you, so keep checking back!
      Cheers Grimboid

  2. Diego Says:

    Nice drawings!
    What do you think about this? http://www.dosisdiarias.com/2010/03/2010-03-24_24.html

    • grimboid Says:

      Woah! Great minds think alike! I love the illustration style Diego and sorry for my HUGE delay in replying.

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